1. What is the Computer?

Computer is an electronic device, that access data from outside, processes it and produces information for external use.

2. Hardware / Software: –

All electronic elements of Computer are called Hardware.

All instruction of computer is called software.

3. How to boot your computer?

a) Electrical power on.   b) U.P.S power on.   c) C.P.U power on.


4. How to show the sate?

Move the mouse pointer to the time zone and hold on it.

5. How to shut your Computer?

Startà Turn off Computer à Turn off

6. Modify desk top wall paper:-

  1. On desk top, Right click on it.
  2. Click on properties
  3. Click on Desktop
  4. Select any picture file.
  5. Set the Position
  6. Apply à Ok

7. Modify system date and time:-

a) Move the mouse pointer to the time zone.   b) Double click on it.    c) Modify date and time by click & drag.   d) Click on Apply.   e) Click on Ok.

8. Set the serene saver:-

a) On the desktop, Right click on it.   b) Click on Properties.   c) Click on Screen saver.   d) Select any screen saver.   e) Set the waiting time.   f) Apply à Ok.

1. Open the Explorer window:-

Start à All programs  >>> Accessories  >>> windows Explorer.

2. Quit from Explorer windows:-

File  >>> Close.

3. Show the file content:-

a) Select the particular file by click on it.   b) File  >>> Open / Preview/ Edit.

4) Rename the file name:-

a) Select the Particular file.  b) File  >>> Rename   c) Type new file name and press Enter Key.

5) Create a new file on Explorer:-

a) Open the Student folder.   b) File à New >>> Text Document.    c) Type new file name and press Enter key.   d) File  >>> Open.   e) Start date entry on it.   f) File   >>> Exit  >>> yes.

6) Duplicate the file to another folder :-

a) Select the Source file.   b) Edit  >>> Copy.   c) Open the target folder    d) Edit  >>> Paste.

7) Transfer the file:-

a) Select the Particular file.   b) Edit  >>> cut   c) Open the Student folder.  

d) Edit  >>> paste

8) Remove the file:-

a) Select the particular file.   b) File  >>> Delete  >>> Yes

9. Recall the previously delete file:-

a) Open the Recycle Bin.   b) Select the file.   c) File >>> Restore.

10. Create a new folder:-

a) Open the student folder.   b) Fileà New  >>> Folder.   c) Type new folder name.  

d) Press Enter key

11. Remove the folder:-

a) Select the Particular folder.   b) Press Delete Key and Enter Key.

12. Find out any file or Folder:-

a) Click on search Icon.   b) Click on All files option.   c) Type the particular file name.   d) Select the look in location.   e) Click on search.   f) When complete, click on folder Icon.

13. Change Folder icon?

            Start  >>> Control Panel Mouse  >>> Pointers -> Browse  >>> Select Style  >>>Open  >>> Apply >>> Ok