AICC Smart Education has been running the computer training center with a reputation for the past 12 years. We have branches in villages and towns all over West Bengal. And yet we are providing the opportunity to open our branches in the places. AICC Smart Education can open computer training center at very low cost. You can contact us by phone as our representative number is given on the website. Or you can fill up our Contact form, our representative will contact you. We offer a variety of courses here Basic, Diploma, FA, DTP, Software, Web Page Design, PHP, Hardware, Networking, Mobile Repairing, Multimedia,etc.. Below are the benefits of taking an AICC Smart Education franchise and the criteria for taking a franchise.

The main features of our franchisee support are:

     1.      2 pic Prospectus.
     2.      3 x 2 Flex 2 Pic For Advertising.
     3.      1000 copy Reflect. 
     4.      5 x 3 Flex 2 Pic For Advertising.

Eligibility Criteria for AICC Smart Education Franchise :

  •  Should have minimum 250-sq. ft./ 
  •  Should have minimum 5  computers.

If any Franchise wanted to open another Center at any other place, 50 % Discount will be given in the Price.

Contact for franchisee: Call: +91-8906652786 / 9233068821
Contact Person: Proloy Biswas